The CCWP-HR’s efforts to begin developing HRIA models and methodologies tailored for ICANN policy development processes kicked off in late 2017 as work on the HR-FOI was coming to an end. The challenge of designing an operational approach to upholding ICANN’s Human Rights Core Value was seen as an opportunity for constructive innovation and drew widespread engagement from the ICANN community and beyond. The resulting iterative process produced several new HRIA models, which were volunteer-tested within the ICANN community to varying degrees of success between March 2018 and March 2019.

This final report presents an overview of the research, development, and trial of these new HRIA models designed specifically for ICANN policy development processes, focusing on successes and lessons learned. Overall, the final “Comprehensive Model” showed solid potential as a tool not only for assessing impacts, but also for engineering evidence-based interventions and fostering newcomer engagement. This initiative represents a significant milestone toward the operationalization of ICANN’s Human Rights Core Value, and will provide an excellent baseline for further developments when Work Stream 2 implementation kicks off in earnest.

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