Approval of the CCWG-Acc WS2 Recommendations — and subsequent enaction of ICANN’s Human Rights Core Value — is taking longer than expected. Nonetheless, progress toward operationalizing the Core Value has advanced significantly in recent months. Here are some highlights from ICANN64, held 10-14 March in Kobe, Japan:

  • Preliminary outcomes of the trial HRIA for the Subsequent Procedures (“Sub Pros”) PDP shared with working group members during their F2F meetings. Many of the observations fed into substantive policy discussions and were well received by members. — Link to Sub Pros Trial HRIA
  • PDP HRIA model presented and discussed during the CCWP-HR working session. Participants made suggestions on the rights of indigenous and disabled peoples, inclusion of additional international resolutions / principles, and addition of an “Explainer” tab including normative criteria for evaluation. — CCWP-HR ICANN64 presentation and transcript
  • GAC Human Rights International Law Working Group presented results from a member survey on options for GAC implementation of the Core Value. One of these options provided for the participation of the GAC in HRIAs or similar procedural steps established for PDPs. — GAC HRIL session video (starts at 58:30)
  • ICANN Org has completed its HRIA and will share results in the coming weeks.

Next steps for operationalizing the Human Rights Core Value include finalizing the Sub Pros Trial HRIA, making the suggested revisions to the HRIA model, and determining the next PDP for trial. This ongoing work and a couple new project ideas coming out of Kobe will be the subject of the next CCWP-HR meeting in late April.

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-Collin Kurre, CCWP-HR Chair