On 31 July 2018, the CCWP-HR held a special meeting to explore the concept of “Due Diligence and Why it Matters.” Several subject experts joined the conversation to present on their areas of expertise. They were:

  • Michael Samway – President of the Business and Human Rights Group and veteran tech policy advisor
  • Michele Neylon – CEO of Blacknight, Chair of the I2 Coalition, and GNSO Councillor
  • Collin KurreCCWP-HR Co-chair and ARTICLE 19’s lead on developing impact assessments for internet providers
  • Raphaël Beauregard-LacroixNCSG member and author of a recent CCWP-HR guest post on ICANN, GDPR, and human rights

The meeting drew two dozen community members from a range of stakeholder groups: commercial and non-commercial actors, registrars, registries, and even the ICANN Ombud. Topics discussed included ICANN’s human rights policy commitment, and the broader application of due diligence to the ICT sector. Speakers also presented various methodological approaches, a sample workflow, and updates on progress toward developing DNS-specific due diligence tools.

Following the guest presentations, a discussion kicked off on the UNGP concept of using leverage to encourage partners and suppliers to uphold human rights principles. Participants highlighted the need for clear context, scope, and definitions in order to ensure that ICANN upholds its human rights commitment without going beyond its limited mission and mandate.

Read minutes from the meeting here or by clicking the image below. Recordings, chat log, and other meeting notes can be found on the NCSG Wiki.

ICANN CCWP-HR - Due Diligence and Why It Matters

– Collin Kurre, CCWP-HR Chair